Sunday, March 25, 2012

A day at Genesee Country Village and Museum

A step back in time! Come join us for some battery free games in the Thompson Barn. Meet Topman Don Olney, and learn to spin a top. Also lots of other games with Beth, Kevin, and Judy and some maple syrupy goodness across town!To be truthful, I had to crop out a speed limit sign on the one above because I didn't get my camera out of the holster fast enough!
Above - Don spins a big Watt's Top to show off. But lots of folks young and old have learned to spin tops over these two weekends. Since I'm posting this Sunday morning, you may still have time to join us at Genesee Country Village and Museum

Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Daffodils!

March 18, 2012 - our first three daffodils unfolded today! Strange warm and early spring after an almost non-existent winter... about 1/3 the usual snow! Previous daffodil pictures seem to be mostly from early to mid April! Also, while I did not get any pictures today, Dad and I saw several willows all decked out in their first spring gold. Previous years, my pictures of this annual spring treat were also from mid April. More frost and snow may hit this year, but spring seems to be almost a month early! I even heard spring peepers on my way home last night! A friend posted today that her first spring lettuce has come up in the garden!

Am I feeling blessed or worried?