Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A day with my dad and friends

My good friend Marty Schlabach switched careers a while back, and became a librarian. Now he is in charge of a couple of great libraries! The entomology library at Cornell University (I earned a lot of my way through Cornell working there) and the library at the Geneva Agricultural Experiment Station - a great institution that does research on many aspects of agriculture. Marty's brother Bert, and other family and friends, along with Dad and I went to the 125th anniversary celebration, and had a lot of fun. We learned about trying to keep lady bug smell out of wine, bugs out of the broccoli, and why peaches taste better when ripe?

That is Dad and Beth (of Bert and Beth) below, and below --- Dad playing Vanna! I love that katydid on the sign ---- ????? I think it is a katydid?

Maybe I should have stayed with Entomology?

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