Monday, October 15, 2007

Maya, Susan, and Frederick

Maya Louise was baptized yesterday. Her friends and family gathered at the same place where her father and mother were married almost 5 years ago and we celebrated her birth, and welcomed her to the community of faith. Afterward, we took a side trip to a small park in Rochester, where Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglas sit and discuss the twin problems of slavery, and women's sufferage. Thanks to them, and to many others, Maya Louise will have a much different life than might have been. Maya's family is Italian, Black, Native American, and probably lots of other heritages, and she is a woman. But, she will be able to vote, able to live where she pleases, become who she wants to be, and will be loved by a vast variety of really warm, loving, fun, and supportive people who make up her family! Thank you to Maya, and to all the people who helped get her here, and give her a good life!

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