Saturday, December 26, 2009

Interesting Day!

Maya creates a gift for her parents. We framed it and delivered it yesterday.

We had a very interesting Christmas Day. Our daughter-in-law Deanna just gave up and said I can't go on - I need to sleep!!!!!. Our son Casey brought Maya and CJ over for Christmas, and Deanna got some well deserved sleep! Caesar James - 6 weeks old - is actually a very good baby, but does not sleep more than about 1.5 hours at a time. Casey is very good at doing his share, and is a great Dad - better than me - but his food supply (a bottle of breast milk) just does not measure up for CJ.

Mom, whose short-term memory problems present a challenge all the time, had three incidents of added problems yesterday, and she and Dad did not even make it next door to our house for Christmas --- and she did not want us to come there. Because of the spells, the nurse from her care program came over, and we ended up in the Emergency Department in the late part of Christmas as the day shifted over to this morning. They could not figure out anything, and sent her home around 2:30 AM. No calls from Dad yet this morning, so I hope all is well?

We did have a very nice - if somewhat smaller - Christmas brunch - lots of leftovers. We also got to hang out with Deanna's family at Aunt Mary's house for a very nice dinner - though we did need to leave early for the Emergency Room part of the day!

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