Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well, we're back home.  Above is a picture of our booth at The Kennedy Center on Sunday afternoon.  We had modest sales because well over half of the audience could not make it through the snowed in streets of the Washington DC area.  We had a lovely drive home on Monday between the storms.  Here in Rochester, we just have a nice pleasant dusting of snow that a nice stiff broom removes with ease!

Our hearts go out to the folks doing the Buyer's Market of American Crafts show this weekend.  This is our first year of not doing this show, but many of our friends are there with high hopes, and the airport closed!  Jewelry preview tonight, and the show opens tomorrow.  Hopefully most of the gallery and store owners will make it in sometime over the weekend!  The following banner appears over the opening page of the show web site.....

The Buyers Market of American Craft WILL open as scheduled on Friday, February 12. The Jewelry Preview will take place on Thursday from 4-7 p.m.

Working on a new e-commerce web site - click here to check it out and give us feedback.... probably best to not actually place an order yet?

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Pat said...

Nice job in the web site. works well. Glad you at least made a little money on the road. My heart goes out to those who counted on Baltimore this weekend. After a Summer filled with rain storms, I can sort of feel the pain. But rain doesn't close you down. Hope to see you soon.