Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring bike riding

Pictures from a couple of days ago!  Looks like video posting is gone??? Sorry!  You won't hear the wonderful spring peepers going wild with the urge to mate and pass on those genes!


Pat said...

I LOVE that bike! I'm having trouble getting on mine gracefully since I hurt my knee. This would really solve that problem.

Louise's Son-in-law said...

That is exactly why I got this bike. The last summer I rode my old one, I fell off about 4 times -- always while mounting or dismounting... my arthritic hip just would not swing over the back. A search of the web revealed these Biria bicycles - Mine is from their "Easy Boarding Series" .... - 7 gears. I wasn't ready for a tricycle yet, though they do make some cool ones!
I ended up getting mine in Massachusetts on the way to one of our shows. A check of the dealer listings on their web page now has one in Niagara Falls. I highly recommend the bike with the caveat that the original equipment tires were not great quality, and I upgraded after getting a flat on my third ride! I can't walk much more than a mile or so, but I can ride 10-20 miles fairly easily after working up to it each spring! Let me know if you get one!