Monday, May 24, 2010

Petrocosmea begoniifolia

Related to African Violets, Gesneriads are very interesting. Most of them are not high on my list of favorites, but at the African Violet show recently, I sort of fell in love with the Pestrocosmeas. The Violet Barn web site describes them as follows --- "Nearly all have very well behaved foliage that grows in a perfect rosette. Most have soft, velvety, leaves. All will bloom easily. Same care as for violets. Try to avoid extreme heat (they love it cool)--though they'e tough, tolerant plants." Another variety below ---- I bought three of them, so I may be in trouble?

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Anne said...

These are pretty--much prettier in person than I thought they sounded the other day. I was thinking this morning that we ought to take another trip to the Violet Barn sometime soon. I need some replacement begonias!