Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Successful Cicada

I can't believe I managed to get these shots of a cicada freshly emerged from the shell. Click on the pics for a bigger view! Nature in the front yard this time!
If you are not knowledgeable about insects, (or if you are) this beauty emerged from the shell it is clinging to. It lived underground for 3 years - dug out of the dirt - climbed up the side of this tree in my front yard - clamped itself to the bark very firmly, and then split open the back of the hard exoskeleton, and crawled out - pulling the legs, the antennae, even the tiny air tubes it breathes through, out from inside the original skin. It then waits for the soft skin to harden, while pumping blood through the veins in the wings to flatten them out from the small crumpled things that were inside the original skin! Click here to see pictures and video of the earlier parts of the process

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Anonymous said...

While I am still saying 'yuck' I cold not help noticing the beautiful wings. Nice shooting!!