Saturday, September 11, 2010

A gift from a friend!

I'm not adding things to my spinning top collection very often these days, but my friend Rick Shannon found this in a friends basement. Those folks on the upper end of the age scale will remember the cardboard cylinder tube repair kits. The little punched holes in the lid to rough up the area around the hole in your tube, the little tube of rubber cement with its distinctive smell, and the little pieces of rubber to glue over the nail hole? This tube repair kit has it all, and a real spinning top in the graphics! My favorite things are always what I call top related items. Nothing spins here - except maybe the repaired bicycle tube - but while many products use the word "top" in the logo, name, etc. very few actually use a real top! This little piece has it all! Thanks Rick!

And - a side note on the English language. We seem to have a lot fewer words to learn, but the reason for this is that we use the same word over and over for very different things! I've always thought the word "top" was one of the most over utilized - try Googling "top"? Not many results will have anything to do with spinning! However, try writing a blog entry about a cardboard tube containing a tube of rubber cement that is all part of a tube repair kit! Tube sort of means the same thing every time, but not exactly!

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