Thursday, November 25, 2010

Makin Whipped Cream from scratch!

Four generations in Cohocton for Thanksgiving. Anne is known for her wonderful work in the kitchen, and today was right up there with the very best of her efforts! Everything from scratch - even the applesauce - and of course the whipped cream could be had on our choice of Pumpkin Pie or Apple Crisp. The smallest longing look would get you "some of each"! Ice Cream was also an option, but I don't think anybody passed up the whipped cream, though some had ice cream and whipped cream and pumpkin pie and apple crisp. The applesauce wasn't even desert!

And in true professional teacher fashion, Anne gave Maya a lesson in Whipped Cream without the can!
Bigger view at the link below.

Anne teaches Maya to make whipped cream from scratch! from Don Olney

Thanks for a great day Anne!

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