Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saturday rides with Mom

I don't have a picture to share with this one, but a great story.

Mom and I both really enjoy our rides around town while Dad does the grocery shopping. Mom's limited memory seems to be something quite distant as we just ride round the area checking out the scenery, back roads, odd places in behind the stuff we normally drive by, etc.

Last week we had returned to the Wegman's parking lot to wait for Dad to finish up. Mom recited the following:

"I'm a little old fashioned I know.
Some think I'm painfully slow.
When it comes to religion and show.
God's face has a home in my soul."

She didn't seem to know much about where it came from, and I with my "sophisticated" computer knowledge was sure I could just Google it, and figure out where it came from?

Well, the quote from Mom was not exactly right, and it turned out to be a very old hymn. Newer stuff seems to stand a lot better chance on Google!

Below is the text I finally found from a hymn from the late 1800's.

The Old Fashioned Faith

I am somewhat old fashioned, I know,
When it comes to religion and God;
Many think I am painfully slow,
Since I walk where my fathers have trod.
I believe in repentance from sin,
And that Jesus within us must dwell;
I believe that if heaven we win,
We must flee from the terrors of hell.

I'm a little old-fashioned, I know,
But God's peace has a home in my soul,
And I'll praise Him wherever I go
For cleansing and making me whole.

I believe that the Bible is true,
Though the critics have torn it apart;
All its warnings and miracles, too,
I do wholly accept with my heart.
I am telling the people each day
That the sinner forever is lost
Who has failed to accept the true way,
Which was opened at infinite cost.

Neal A. McAulay, D.D., was born in English Town, Nova Scotia, Mar. 24, 1854. He graduated from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago in 1883. Called as a missionary, he was ordained in the Presbery of Iowa City on Oct. 5, 1886; He was pastor of the Presbyterian church in Wilton, Iowa, from 1886-1907, serving the Clinton County towns of Wilton, Wilton Jct., and Sugar Creek; and the Presbyterian church in Lyons, Iowa until at least 1917. Sometime between then and 1920 he retired to Tacoma, Washington, and was still living there as late as 1921.

I can't seem to figure out a way to get the original hymn to play here, but you can click below to download an MP3 of it to play for yourself? The Old Fashioned Faith

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