Friday, May 25, 2012

A day that gives me a good story is a good day!

A great ride on the bike today, and two great stories.  At an intersection in a local park, I noticed a young couple in a bright red pick-up truck.  Look exchanged with the driver as I rode by, and then about a half mile further on, the red pick-up stops as I pass by, and the young man says "Would you take our picture?"  Of course I reply, and they pull up a few yards down the rode, and as they get out, they don leather jackets, and motorcycle helmets!  My response -"Where's the motorcycle?  Are you going to photoshop it in later?"  Their response - "Well, the bike is in the shop.  See that long groove in the grass?  That is where we wiped out on this curve earlier in the week, and we thought it would be nice to have some pictures of us at the site of the accident!"  That is them above - sans helmets - at the far end of  the groove in the grass.  You can see them more clearly if you click on the picture.
Another story on my return home.  The 4 year old neighbor boy comes running over ..... "How far did you go today?"  I tell him 14.8 miles, and he says "WOW!  That almost all the way to St. Louis!"

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Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. The girl who is in this picture told me this story, and sent me the link when she found your blog. When she recited the story to me, she got to the part where they followed you on your bike, and i couldnt stop laughing. I especially enjoyed the part where you said "my grandkids are sure going to miss me!". I dont blame you, I also would have been freaked out by someone following me!