Monday, June 04, 2012

It's A Linda!

I'll post a few pictures of our booth at 100 American Craftsmen this weekend later, but first, I want to share these two pictures.  We'll probably be seeing a lot more of these "Farewell Tour" signs over the next few years.  We are all aging, and while we still love making beautiful creative  things, we are finding it harder and harder to haul all this stuff around!  Driving a couple of hundred miles, give or take a few, setting up walls (sometimes a tent too), artfully displaying our work, smiling and talking for 6-10 hours for two or three days, and then packing it all up at the end of the day on Sunday, and usually driving home that night because we really didn't make enough money  to afford another night in a hotel, is getting to be quite hard on us ought to be retired folks!
If you missed getting a wonderful handwoven piece from our friend Linda this weekend, check out her web site --- It's A Linda

And next time you are at a craft show, and see all that grey hair, consider investing in some soon to be unavailable art for your life, or for your friends or family!

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linda said...

Don and Cheryl,

This caught me by surprise this am...Thank you so such for the tribute...This farewell tour thingie is hard...Saying goodbye to customers is hard----saying goodbye to fellow artists is harder!! Remember having Cheryl at my home in my upstate NY little, redneck, conservative town many years ago was a real challenge...I don't think they ever saw a black woman in town except for migrant workers back in the 50's.. A black, educated, Professional woman-turned artist.??We had a good time and I am sure they are still talking...Having you guys on Linden Ave. brings back so many post-U of R graduate memories..Living on that street in a rental house owned by the U of R as four single nursing graduates must have been a challenge for the street...It was a wonderful time in my life..Thanks and Love,,