Sunday, July 15, 2012


 Most of the info about Mom's passing got posted on Facebook over the past few days, but in summary, Mom passed away this past Tuesday after a day which saw the visit of her cousins Cloyse and Lyell Drake and their wives.  They offered prayers, and lots of good stories that I hope Mom heard.  Morphine was keeping her comfortable by then.  Later, two of her grandchildren, Maeve, and Wyatt, along with Anne and Rick came to visit, and about an hour or so after they departed, she left us quietly.  Mel, Don, and Cheryl were there.  Her obituary in today's paper, a picture of Mom in the courtyard at Kirkhaven just a few weeks ago, and below - Dad at the elevator from the parking garage at Rochester General Hospital, about two hours before we buried her at Elmwood Cemetery in Perinton, a couple of miles from where she raised her two sons!  I've posted the picture of this elevator before with the reminder to remember which floor you parked on.  I love it when life hands you reminders, suggestions, or just connections between things!
 Many thanks to all the friends and family who have shared their condolences with us, and very special thanks to all the staff at Kirkhaven, and at Independent Living for Seniors, who helped us all through the final days, and through the past few months and years of Mom's dementia. And many thanks to Dad who has taught me many things over the course of my 67 years, mostly by example.  His care and love for Mom has been extraordinary by any standard.  Love, and strength of character are who he is!

And today we are having a 5th birthday party for our granddaughter Maya!  Life is good!

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judy said...

Extending my sympathies to you and Cheryl on the loss of your Mom. May God's eternal Hand be your strength as you grieve and remember your Mom's life. Peace to all of you.