Monday, December 03, 2012

Some days just give us wonderful -- another reference to an old blog post

Almost 5 years ago, someone left a note on our front door expressing appreciation of the artwork on our front porch, and in our windows.  We were very moved by the note, and I scanned it and included it in a very early blog post here.

Saturday evening at a party for a friend's 60th, I was talking  with a couple about misc stuff.  While cycling through some pictures on my phone looking for the picture of my new Big Yellow Bike with grandchildren to show them, I went by a picture that showed some of our figures.  The woman exclaimed something on the order of "Oh you are those artists!"  A few moments later she said how much she liked our house, and that she had left a note on our door several years back!  Our mysterious stranger who made us feel so good years ago, had materialized right in front of me!

I love how the world works, connecting us to people and things that enrich us.  Those "out of the blue" moments that I've always said are really very specifically oriented and aimed at our soul.  I used to say, and may need to re-establish as a commonly used phrase, "Out Of The Blue" is a very specific place! 

Thank you to whatever forces are at work in the universe that make life so rewarding and exciting!  There are a lot of folks who seem to concentrate on the things in life that are not so pleasant, rewarding, or exciting, but I find most of my life organized by those "Out of the blue" forces.  Life is very good right now - Dad is doing well (for 3 months now), and I'm feeling quite creative.  And, even with my life in great shape, "Out of the blue" sent me another reminder.  On top of grandchildren, children, wife, dad, and my Big Yellow Bike, "Out of the blue" reached out and put a nice bright cherry on top of my sundae!

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