Monday, February 18, 2013

Art Therapy show at The Episcopal Church Home

Above - picture of Mom and Dad at Highland Hospital - January 2012
Below - copy from the brochure for our latest show at My Sister's Gallery - Episcopal Church Home - 505 Mt Hope Ave  Rochester, NY 14620

Art Therapy

Cheryl and Don Olney have been making wonderful, colorful, uplifting wooden "sculptures" for 17 years.  The retired social worker, and the retired toy maker, collaborate to create these "Art Therapy" pieces.  They are therapy for us as we make them, because they keep our life full of creativity, and the joy of making other people smile with us!  They are therapy to you, our friends and customers, because they cause you to stop, smile, ponder life for a moment, and go on, hopefully a bit better off than you were.  And if they encourage you to go on with, or begin anew, your own creative endeavors, whatever they may be, our art therapy has been even more successful!

We dedicate this show to Don's Mom and Dad!  Mom passed on this last year, but Dad, with lots of help from lots of people, has turned a difficult year into a triumph! For Dad, 2012 was a year of 5 hospitalizations, and 3 rehabilitation stints, lots of electric scooter rides to visit Mom in the nursing home, and ultimately the loss of his wife, but closing with a few months of solid enjoyment of the fruits of months of effort.   Those 3 rehab periods were right here at The Episcopal Church Home - specifically in The Center for Rehabilitation.  The dedication of the staff here, supplemented by Dad's dedication to steady work toward improvement, have worked wonders!  We dedicate this show to Mom, Dad, and all the caregivers who helped us all through a special year.  Enjoy the show!

Cheryl and Don Olney
Louise's Daughter
(and Violet and Mel's Son)

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