Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trash Talk - Marlborough Paradise show

Each Paradise City Craft show features a "themed" area where exhibitors are challenged to create some work in keeping with various interesting themes.  This spring's Marlborough show - next weekend - features work on the theme - Trash Talk.  Cheryl has been making paper "beads" for a while now, and rather than stringing them as necklaces, or other usual uses for beads, she has been decorating note cards, etc. with them.  She took this year's Trash Talk challenge to heart, and created these three figures - the bodies are designed using left over pieces from our many projects, and instead of painted wood clothing, these feature paper rolled beads.  The larger one (33 inches tall)  is called "Oprah - September 2010", and is decorated entirely in beads made from rolled pages of the September 2010 issue of Oprah magazine
The larger figure will be featured in the special section of the show devoted to "Trash Talk". and the other two will be in the booth.  Come early and get all three to adorn your home or office?
  Paper bead detail below.

March 22 - 24 - Paradise City - Marlborough, MA - MAP

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judy said...

Oh My Gosh! Cheryl, these are fabulous! Love love love them! Will you be making more in smaller size, like your 15 - 17 " size? Would be interested in purchasing to add to my Louise's Daughter collection! Not sure I will make it to Paradise City as too many things going on this weekend. Wishing you a great show. Judy