Saturday, November 22, 2014


I am thinking that I (Don - Cheryl still does not do computers) need to get back to posting on this blog more regularly.  I went and looked at our traffic info, and discovered that 20 or more folks check this blog out each day, and end up getting very old posts!  Thus, this post, and hopefully more.... Cheryl is at the Paradise City show in Marlboro, MA this weekend.  You can check out our things there today from 11 to 4?.  The above piece is a special creation made in response to the Paradise City folks challenging exhibitors to create pieces related to faces.  There is always a new challenge at Paradise City shows, and there is always a special display area featuring the various artist's creations.  Move the heart at the upper left back and forth to see our couple kiss --- you have to be there in person to do that.  Maybe I'll get a video posted when she gets home if the piece has not sold?  Check us out on Facebook too.

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