Monday, December 10, 2007

Almost Free?

It was a cold, cloudy, beginning of freezing rain sort of day, but Wyatt and I got fairly close, and got this shot. The generator is up there, but the blades are not yet. I think these folks are against wind power, but there are some great shots of the process of building the wind farm in the Cohocton, NY area at this site. I wonder what Great great great grandfather Henry would think of these..... on the hill over his route to the doctor's office. He never had electricity, and now they are going to soon be making it on the next hill over from his. There will be pretty much a zero carbon footprint for this electricity. Yes we had to build and erect these beauties, and some maintainence, but no nuclear waste, no greenhouse gases, no smog, and some pretty awesome wind turbines gracing some of our central NY hills. The math looks pretty good from where I sit. And what better to spend those kilowatts on than decorating the back yard for the season!

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amarkel58 said...

If that's a picture of your back yard, then Louise's Daughter sure has changed its aesthetic since I was last in your neck of the woods!