Saturday, September 05, 2009


Steve has been in a wheelchair for 32 years. He is about my age, give or take a few, and he is not one to just sit on his #$%&^. Well, actually he has to, but he was working the Elmwood Festival last weekend..... juggling in a wheelchair! He has got quite a show worked out. By most standards, he is at best an OK juggler. No 5 or 7 ball tricks, no rings, no clubs, no fire, and no chainsaws! He just sits there and juggles 3 balls - not all that easy sitting down with the arms of the wheelchair limiting where your arms can go. He does not need to worry all that much about drops because there is pretty much always somebody around to chase after the loose balls and toss them back to him. In fact, I think that is part of the deal. I noticed that folks who chased after the loose props were more likely to drop a buck in his bucket! His one fancy move is a high behind the chair toss with just the right spin to bounce the ball back to his waiting hands. He usually makes it, but if not --- another audience member chases it down, and sets a good example by dropping some change in the bucket!

A little video of Steve below for your enjoyment. If you are ever in Buffalo, NY check around downtown, or wander the edges of a local festival, and tell him Don and Cheryl say Hi!

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