Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our first unveiling

Alice Young is a friend of ours, and she is a pretty important person in the life of our city. She has been an educator for 50 years, starting as one of 5 African American teachers in the whole Rochester City School District, and moving on to many positions in the school district. She was one of the founding group of citizens who started our local community college - Monroe Community College!

When MCC wanted to honor Dr. Young, and celebrate their Alice Holloway Young, Ed.D. Diversity Series, they asked Cheryl and I to create a special 6 foot tall piece to be on display on the campus. Today they unveiled our creation - our first unveiling!

Since it was also Dr. Young's 86th birthday today, we made her a small Maya to take home!

The whole event was pretty cool, including the actual unveiling below!
Glass on frame reflects the ceiling lights badly!


Anne said...

Very nice!

Janice said...

Don and Cheryl
Congratulations on this. I hope, in addition to celebrating Dr. Young, the city also celebrates you both for the wonderful things you have done in your lives - including raising your family, owning your business, and bringing joy to others.