Sunday, November 29, 2009

Paper doll from recycled coasters!

The above poseable paper doll was made from a drink coaster -- one of 4 salvaged when Cheryl and my parents and I went to Ruby Tuesday's for a birthday dinner in October! If I do say so myself I love it! I'm working on some more round images that I can print, but if you have some coasters lying around let me know.


Pat said...

Do they have to be round? We've got a bunch for "Jersey Boys" laying around the theater but they are square-ish.

Louise's Son-in-law said...

My guess is that "square-ish" would work fine. I just tried one using a postcard shape, and I really don't like it - though different arms and legs might work better??? Throw a couple in an envelope, and I'll make you and myself each a doll. If they look good, you can recycle some my way! We will be in the lobby of the Millard Fillmore Hospital on Thursday and Friday, Dec. 12 and 13! Check the blog today for a few more designs based on the round format. I'll have them posted by 9:30pm??