Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good News

I know some of you have been waiting for these pictures?
I am really not a big fan of having Doctor's putting me into big machines, or in this case sticking a camera down my throat, looking for something that needs fixing!  These pictures were taken by the same guy who has taken pictures of the other end a couple of times.  It turns out that these days they don't like to treat good old fashioned heartburn without first going in with a camera to see if there has been any serious damage.  This time I don't get to pay any extra money, and they don't even want me back in a year to look again!  The little samples they took were just ordinary healthy meat!  You can bet that was a nice letter to get.

My favorite moment?  I asked the good Doctor if the little camera has a windshield wiper?  Kind of a messy environment to take pictures in!  The solution --- a small jet of water sprays on the lens washing away any odd junk encountered along the way!

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Pat said...

I like good news :)