Thursday, January 07, 2010

Time to go get the gun?????

I used to watch those "Golden Memories" buses go by and comment.... "If you ever see me riding in one of those, go get a gun and shoot me."

Now, my Dad and I are front page news in the local "Golden Times" newspaper!

Yup!  That's me on the left above..... doing exercises sitting in a chair!  "How can that be called exercise?" I used to say.  After a few minutes in that chair, I knew that either I was old, or out of shape, or maybe exercise in a chair is real!

for a very nice article about The Wolk Senior Center in downtown Rochester, NY, and some of the story of my family, and our process of growing older together.

Life is very good, and I have nothing but thanks for the opportunity to grow old with my parents, and with my grandchildren, and with my wonderful wife Cheryl!  And many thanks to Lifespan and their programs like The Wolk Senior Center.  The highest thanks are reserved for ILS (Independent Living for Seniors) and the wonderful people who provide help and friendship for my family!

 Photos by Jack Haley ( A very nice guy)
Photos borrowed from "Golden Times" newspaper published by Post Newspapers of Canandaigua, NY.

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