Saturday, April 20, 2013

Another License Plate ... This one with the real story!

Picture collected outside the restaurant where Dad, Cheryl, and I had dinner tonight!  Dad and Cheryl were already inside - I shot the pic in the parking lot, came in and showed it to Cheryl.  Took her a while to translate - she then said "Late for Supper" out loud!  A chuckle from a nearby table - "That's mine" followed.  I went over and talked with her a bit, but upon my return to our table I realized that while I had actually met the owner of one of my license plate's pictures, I had neglected to get the story!

Back to her table I went -

The story ---- I used to be a Dead Head, but discovered that having bumper stickers, etc advertising that fact led to being pulled over too many times!  Thus the more subtle license plate message --- Late for Supper is the first song on Jerry Garcia's first album!  Also, being a pastry chef, she had named her business Late for Supper also!

People have such good stories if you take the time to listen!

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