Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Spinners at 2013 RIT Juggle-In!

Above - My good friend and fellow top spinner Mike Hout with Autograph - a large top that he works hard to have autographed by all top spinners.  My limited travel schedule has kept my autograph off until now, when Mike, Mark, Dick, and Jim all came to Rochester where I could join them!  Thanks guys, and many good wishes to Jorge who planned on coming, but could not make it due to a family emergency.  We missed you Jorge!
 Above - Don Olney (ME!) with Autograph!
Above - Jim Neff with Autograph!
 Above - Mark Hayward (already a signer of Autograph) - many heartfelt thanks to Mark who organized getting these guys all to Rochester to spin tops, and to tour the top collection!
 Dick Stohr  above (also already a signer of Autograph) spun a pretty mean top in the Friday evening open show!  I think Dick was the only guy older than me - except of course for my Dad (below) who spent about 12 hours with us all on Saturday - from first top throw in the morning to the end of the public show!  Dad is not a top spinner, but he sure has kept me spinning for many years!
 We all spent about 4 hours on Sunday morning digging through my top collection - no where near enough time, but we sure did all have fun!  Mike Hout stayed over Sunday night, and talked me out of some of my collection.  I am no longer a virgin when it comes to selling my collection, so anyone else with some money is welcome to visit!  Below - Mike about to pull out of my driveway on Monday morning with some of his loot!  Mike and I toured Mount Hope Cemetery , and spend a couple of hours at the Strong Museum of Play before he took off for home!
Much thanks to all for almost 3 1/2 days of pure fun!
And - Jorge you have a personal invitation to come visit anytime!
Also any of my other top spinning friends, and if you can't spin a top, come anyway, and I'll teach you!
Next year's RIT Juggle-In  will be April 11-13, 2014 so put in on your calendars and plan to come spin with us!

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