Sunday, June 02, 2013

Which kind of "bike" were you referring to?

I took  this picture in the parking area near Genesee Valley Park - Rochester, NY while riding through during Bike week a couple of weeks ago.  I'm struck by how often  there seems to be confusion when people use  the word "Bike".  Some automatically think motorcycle, some automatically think bicycle - I even sometimes think about my big yellow tricycle.  These folks - from Piffard, NY if I remember rightly - came up to Rochester for a bike ride on the northern section of the Genesee Greenway bike trail (bicycle).  They ride regularly on the southern portion through their hometown, but had never ridden this far north!  The little bike trailer is a homemade unit - a small motorcycle trailer with a car top bike carrier attached!  Nice folks who enjoy both kinds of "bikes"!

By the way - I'm up to 418.5 miles on my bikes so far this year.
17.2 on the big yellow trike, and 401.3 on my Biria!

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