Saturday, August 17, 2013

Custom Designed Baseball pieces to raise funds for Young Audiences.

 We get lots of requests for artwork to be sold to raise money for worthy causes, and while we often do it, we aren't always very pleased about the idea because the auction price is usually less that what we charge for the item, and while the winning bidder is pleased, and  the organization is pleased, we are a bit annoyed at sort of losing a sale?

However, this time it was a challenge to create a piece of art using a baseball!  It could be as simple as painting a baseball creatively ( a lot easier than doing one of those full size "Horses on Parade" ) or whatever we wanted.  We love Young Audiences, because  they work very hard to expose kids to the "Arts", and we loved this challenge.  Cheryl was already making a piece we called "Women on the Ball" using some left over wooden parts from The Toycrafter, so it seemed natural to create a "Woman on a Baseball" with some adjustments of course, and Don thought it would be fun to create one of his "Balancing Acts" using the ball as the weight on the bottom.  After several false starts using ball bats and gloves, and even a strange idea using an image of the diamond, the design below emerged in his brain while on a bike ride!  A video can be seen here!  ---     Rockin With The Red Wings!
Come join us for a Red Wings ball game, and a great fund raising event celebrating 50 years of Young Audiences!   Buy tickets by August 19th -  or  585.530.2060 

The event is Friday evening the 23rd of August 2013 - see you there?

If you didn't figure it out, The Red Wings are our local baseball team.

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