Thursday, October 10, 2013


Cheryl will be doing the Paradise City Show in Northampton, MA
this holiday weekend - Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!  I think that clicking on the link to the show can gain you a discount on the admission price!

These shows usually feature a challenge to the artists to create a piece for a special exhibit that is part of each show.  This weekend's challenge  was the theme - Magic!  (or Hocus Pocus?)  The piece above was a collaboration between us as usual.  She is about 28" tall, and I think will be priced at around $200?  Check her out!
I'm particularly pleased with this piece - love the top hat!   The plan was to create a moving piece with her popping out of the hat, but the mechanism was too time consuming, so she just has to POP on her own, and I think she does!

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