Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Idea

Don't know if this concept will become part of the line, but it is very exciting to have created a new piece! My mind has been doing all sorts of other things for the past couple of months, so creating the above piece over the past couple of days has been wonderful. I think she needs some work, and with Cheryl at the Atlanta Gift Show, our usual suggestion/argument process will have to wait a few days, but hopefully a new type of piece may arise. We've been thinking about people relating to furniture for a while........ so......... who knows?

1 comment:

amarkel58 said...

Maeve and I both like this one! Maeve thinks it looks like her...and, if you want more inspiration, you can come see how Wyatt looks when he's watching television, half-on, half-off the couch. Of course, I think dogs relating to furniture is a natural. Clovis agrees! Good to see you working, too. I'm the opposite of you--it's when I can't get any alone time that I don't get anything done!