Saturday, January 12, 2008

Getting tired of this.

Another sign that life continues! This Gerber Daisy in our kitchen window has sort of risen from the dead. After the frost, I brought in this flower I got for Cheryl last spring and put in the kitchen window. The leaves looked pretty dead, but I brought it inside anyway. About 5 leaves seemed to revive a bit over the coming weeks, and like the sentimentalist I am, I kept watering it. A few new leaves rewarded my effort, and then, about the time I came home from the hospital I noticed a tiny flower bud emerging from the dirt. Above is that flower today.

I haven't written much recently, and pretty much no pictures either. Recovery for older folks is quite a bit slower it seems. Hours of watching I Love Lucy, Gunsmoke, MASH, and history channel stuff is surprisingly interesting, but pretty much uninspiring! I've gone to work a few times, but seem to only last for a maximum of 3 hours or so. A few good ideas seem to pop up here and there, but the energy to follow-up seems quite limited. Cheryl and Lisa have gone off to Atlanta for a show, and I'm home alone ---- another source of lack of inspiration?

Anyway, the doctor says my pace of recovery is not unusual --- I think they forgot to tell me that in advance? I continue to be very pleased to wake up everyday, and I'm trying to remind myself that all this time sitting around is a lot better than not being here to sit around. Each day definitely seems a bit better, and I'm looking forward to making more stuff, making more friends, taking care of all the old friends, and growing older with Cheryl!

Hug everyone you love soon, and maybe even hug a couple of strangers?

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