Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Winter Blossoms

Searching the web for "Mother of Thousands" will give you lots of information about this unique plant. I have had mine since I was a kid. As a science nerd kind of kid, the fact that every leaf of this plant produced tiny plants complete with roots that drop off and grow pretty much anywhere was just plain wonderful. A couple of years ago, one of mine blossomed! Not sure why in probably 50 years, none of mine had blossomed, but it was very exciting. Turns out these blossoms do not produce seeds. However a plant that, like the christmas cactus, blossoms in the heart of winter, is truly a joy. Most of mine are direct clones from that original from childhood, but I also have a new variety that I got from a friend a couple of years ago. If you would like a few of the little plantlets to try, just let me know.

And, just arrived in the mail ---- about 25 seeds to try my hand at growing some sensitive plants ----- the leaves fold up rapidly when touched. Another childhood plant memory!

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amarkel58 said...

Brava! When I came downstairs this morning I discovered some delicate white blossoms on the pot of rosemary I have in the kitchen...Wyatt planted those seeds three or four years ago and this is the first time I've seen it flower. Maybe the plants know something we don't? Like, maybe spring is closer than we think? Live in hope!