Monday, March 17, 2008

Famous Urinals!

I'm not sure why I so often find bathrooms interesting...... regulars may remember my "electric toilet seat" entry not too long ago........ . Here is another interesting bathroom shot. The men's room this past weekend was probably the cleanest I've ever encountered..... so clean in fact that in 3 days I waited about 6 times while the attendant finished her job, so that I could do mine. My slower than expected recovery from prostate surgery finds me visiting these porcelain beauties more often than I would like, but these were worth the visit! I'll label this entry with my "Thank You" label!

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amarkel58 said...

Wow! You could practically cook your breakfast in a place that clean! This photo really illustrates why tile became--and continues to be--so popular in the modern age: its hygienic qualities. I still think it's such beautiful stuff, and maybe never more so than when it's purpose is so highly, uh, functional.