Friday, August 28, 2009

My fight with the hedgeclippers!

The doctoring folks wanted to be sure I hadn't nicked the bone at the end of my index finger when I ran the hedge clippers into it and the middle finger - right hand...... something about increased risk of infection if the inside of the bone is exposed to bad stuff? Looks like I missed that part, but I did need 7 stitches to close up the holes in my skin! I thought it was kind of cool to see my bones. I got to see pretty much all of them during the bone scan for cancer 2 years ago, but I did not get to bring any pics home that time.

A big thank you again to the folks at Highland Hospital. They are a consistently great bunch of folks! Even (especially) Val, who stitched me up after first teaching me that there are worse things to attack your fingers with than hedge clippers -- Lidocaine needles do a lot less damage, but hurt a heck of a lot more!

Just for the record, it does not hurt too bad now. I get to take off the bandages and look this afternoon!


Anne said...

Who are you flipping off in this picture?

Louise's Son-in-law said...

That's my index finger!

Pat said...

Could you try to stay away from a hospital for at least a month? Rumor has it Obama is adding an "Olney" clause right after the death panel. :) See you tomorrow.