Thursday, October 01, 2009

Poseable Paper Doll

I just completed my first poseable paper doll. Jointed arms - Shoulders and elbows - and hips.

I've got plans to make more of these.

I'm even thinking about offering various paper dolls - jointed and not - as downloadable PDF files for folks to cut and assemble themselves? Any reactions greatly appreciated. Not sure how many folks read this, but I'll offer a free PDF file of this figure for download to the first 20 people who would like one. After the first 20 they will be $5.

You will need to print it onto 8.5 x11 card stock, cut out the parts, color/paint the two dress parts, and assemble it yourself. I will make the body parts to print black, or you can request just lines for the body parts if you want to do your own skin tone? If you don't want it poseable, you can glue the joints together, or for movement you can go out and get some of those tiny paper spreadable brad thingys, or make your own little wire connectors for the joints? The completed figure is about 9.5 inches tall.

Just to make you put in a little effort, click here to go to our web page, and my e-mail address is at the bottom of the page. E-mail me and request your PDF file. Let me know if you want it poseable (holes to cut for joints) or not, and black skin tone, or "color it your self". Either way you will need to decorate the two dress parts with markers, paint, color pencils, etc. Or even cut your dress parts from wall paper, wrapping paper, etc?

Or you can click on my profile to get the e-mail address ;-)

I will put your e-mail address on our list for possible receipt of a newsletter or other paper doll offers, but will not share your info with anyone else, nor will I deluge you with lots of stuff - I'm not that ambitious!

If you are not inclined to do all that work, e-mail me with a phone # and I will arrange for you to get a pre-laser-cut set of parts (heavy water color grade paper), and the 6 little paper connector thingys-assorted colors (plus 2 extras), and free postage for $17 plus tax if a NYS resident.

This is my first direct effort to use this blog as a sales tool - apologies if you are offended - but you can get it for free.

Feedback appreciated!

I'm going to click "Post" now and hope this works OK!

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Sequana said...

Oh, I'd LOVE one of those! I made a movable paper doll for my granddaughter last year, and she had so much fun making clothes for her.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the designs you guys do? Well, I do. *S*