Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hill Family Reunion 2010

Why is it a Hill Family Reunion rather than an Olney Family Reunion? Actually we are all related to Sarah Hill Olney and Henry Cadmus Olney. More specifically we are all descendants of just two of their 11 children. About half trace ourselves back to Edward Barton Olney - second oldest son of Sarah and Henry, and about half trace ourselves back to Omar Addison Olney - oldest son of Sarah and Henry. Since Sarah started the reunion way back when, it is still known as the Hill Family Reunion! Click on the link to the right for more info on Henry and Sarah!

Dad couldn't make it to the reunion, so we set up my laptop and a Skype connection so Dad could say hi to a bunch of family. That's Brian Olney below, his wife in the background, and Dad on the computer screen!

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