Monday, August 23, 2010


This African Violet is one I grew from a leaf of a "Rebel Splatter Kake" violet from The Violet Barn. A sport is a violet that does not grow "true" to the original. The flower on the right is what the flowers on a "Rebel's Splatter Kake " is supposed to look like. The one on the left is quite a bit different! Both are on the same plant - I think that is pretty cool! It may be common, but I never saw such a thing. While taking the picture, I discovered that the petal on the right side of that bloom (about 3 o'clock) is actually is half one color pattern and half the other with an almost perfectly straight line between the two halves! (click on the picture to embiggen it for a better view) The actual flowers are more purple than these pictures show up on my computer.
A plant with two different patterns in the flowers, and two different patterns within one flower!

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