Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Visit to site of Nathaniel Olney's grist mill!

On Sunday, Wyatt and I visited the site of my great great great grandfather's grist mill! (Wyatt's 4th great grandfather!) Wyatt was not as impressed as I was, but I thought it was very cool to be right there where Nathaniel and Mary lived. I don't know the whole history of their lives. I do know Nathaniel and Mary owned this site between 1871 and 1883. I know Henry was born in Avoca, NY, - I think in 1838. Nathaniel died in 1883, or at least his estate is listed as owing the taxes in 1883.

Side note to those who care - Nathaniel Olney (possibly this is Nathaniel Olney's father?) lived in Nunda, NY in 1870. The 1870 census lists him as living with Recinson (sp?) Olney (age 39), his wife Launes (sp?) (age 26), daughter May (age 4) , a domestic servant - Kate Holeran (age 45), and L.L. Bogart (age 60)
Above - top - picture of the site of the mill, and current structures there. Above - middle - a view of the Cohocton River at the site. Below - an ariel view of the area - black arrow points to the site at the end of Cross Road, Avoca, NY
Latitude and Longitude reading from my GPS below - they differ from the latitude and longitude readings listed by Google maps for this location???? Modern day address is 4815 Cross Road, Avoca, NY 14809


Sandy said...

My great grandfather, Frank M. Sheldon, died in Avoca in 1911. His sister-in-law, Eunice Wilgus, was the second wife of Omar Olney.

Sandy (Sheldon) Gianni

Louise's Son-in-law said...

This is from Dad - Mel Olney - great great grandson of Nathaniel.

Nathaniel Olney at one time owned the farm where I was born. He had a mill there too. The place passed through several other of my (our) ancestors including at the time I was born it was actually owned by my Grandfather Bart Olney. In my family research I learned it was not till the year (1935) my sister Rowene Olney was born that the farm was actually deeded to my parents

Apologies if this shows up twice?