Friday, November 16, 2012

Beginning of my new display system!

For scale, this industrial strength human powered tricycle is about 7 feet from front to back..... the rear cargo platform is about 26" wide by about 36" long!  Before finalizing the purchase, I inflated  the tires, and took it for a test drive.  It rode a lot easier than I had imagined.... the gearing seems most well arranged.  It is a one speed system, but did not seem to be that hard to peddle - even up a slight incline!  The main odd thing is the weird sensation one gets riding a tricycle.  After years of bike riding, it feels very strange to not be able to lean into turns, or to shift your body subtly to adjust when riding on an angled surface!  It has both a coaster brake, and a front drum brake.  I'll want to raise the seat a bit when I pick it up tomorrow and ride it home.  I figure I can design quite a good sized cabinet, shelf, and wall system mounted on that large rear platform - even probably going out over the back a bit, and out over the wheels too?  Probably also add a front basket for additional capacity.  I'm even hoping  I can create something that will let customers sit on the bike and peddle to operate a moving sculpture! A couple of options on easier riding include possibly adding an electric motor boost system, or it appears that the manufacturer has a three speed hub or a seven speed hub available that might be retrofitted.  First step after adjusting the seat height will be to remove the plastic tulips on the rear basket!

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