Sunday, November 11, 2012

This year's special custom tops for CJ's Birthday!

 Each year I design a special top for my grand children's birthdays.  The theme this year for CJ's birthday was John Deere.  (Those people have their marketing down!)  I can't believe that this makes the 8th special design for Maya and CJ.  I also created a larger version of the design as a wall piece for his room - about 15" across - see picture below.  Also in view is the 2012 Casey (Dad) created birthday (cake) - actually a large cookie because CJ does not like cake????????????? and the basket of tops - everybody at these parties gets a gift!

I'm getting pretty good at this, so if you would like some special tops created for your birthday, wedding, or other special  event, contact me!  I'm actually in the process of creating a separate division of our enterprise that will focus specifically on Don's mechanical and other moving things --- look for Moving Wood Studio coming soon to an event or store near you?  An actual moving sign for  the enterprise is taking form in my head, and I'm thinking through an actual moving craft show booth.  An industrial strength human powered tricycle with a fairly large built in cargo platform has been found, and my brain is running around the idea of selling off the back of the this tricycle, including moving sculptures that will be peddle operated!  And I've reserved the web site - - not active yet, but soon!

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