Monday, July 20, 2009

Maya's Second Birthday

Deanna, Maya, and Casey
Casey, Deanna, Maya, and Grandma Cheryl share cake!
The Olney contingent - Great Grandpa Mel (grey t-shirt), Aunt Anne Markel (floral top), Grandpa Don (hat of course), Cousin Maeve (in peach dress), and Grandma Cheryl (blue top and bright socks).
Maya in her new Lazy-Boy Lounger with sock monkey print!
Aunt Mary and Great Grandpa Mel
Casey helps Maya with her new old fashioned tricycle!
More Tricycle practice
A well deserved rest after a very exciting party!

Thank you to Dawn Knox for these pictures. Grandpa Don left his camera home :-(

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The Daily Rant said...

Yes, thank you Dawn for the pictures!!! Grandpa Don needs to get on the ball! LOL

Looks like the party was fun. Everyone looks great!! How is Deanna feeling - she looks good.

LOVE Maya's black & white outfit and I love Chery's bright socks!!

Thanks for posting more of the Olney gang and friends....