Thursday, July 09, 2009

Olney Road

Yes. This road is named after my family!

This sign is at the corner of Italy Valley Road and Olney Road, in the town of Italy, NY. (Dad has corrected me that this is not in Naples, NY - but is served by the Naples post office - thus the erroneous listing in Google)

Both sets of my grandparents (Florence and Earle Drake, and Pearl and William Olney) are buried just about exactly a mile from here! Most of my ancestors back about 4 generations lived pretty much their whole lives within 6 miles of this sign!


Mel said...

Don, That road is in the town of Italy. Naples Post Office serves five or six townships. DAD

Louise's Son-in-law said...

Thanks for the correction Dad. I was sure it wasn't in Naples, but I believed Google instead of my brain! My apologies to anyone misled! I've "corrected" the post.

Anonymous said...

That sign is in pretty good condition for being there for four generations!