Sunday, July 12, 2009


Picture of Mom last April.

Mom is not so happy these days. She seems to be sort of settling in at Wesley Gardens, but going home is definitely a constant theme. She is still not eating or drinking very much, and is very weak and dizzy when she tries to walk - even with the walker. She certainly has moments of pleasure with visitors and the staff, but is very confused about why she needs to be there instead of home. Dad has figured out how to bring in Podcasts of some of their favorite religious services, on his laptop, and they are enjoying that, along with reading their daily devotionals.

Visitors, cards, and bunnies are encouraged. Mom carries on a great conversation, and enjoys that. There is just sort of a big gap in her memory. She is very much in the moment, but can't figure out how she got to this moment?

Violet Olney
Wesley Gardens - Room 512
3 Upton Court
Rochester, NY 14607

Good thoughts, prayers, notes, and phone calls for Dad are encouraged too. His strength, loyalty and devotion to Mom are amazing!

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