Sunday, July 26, 2009


Picture from last summer visit to Maplewood Rose Gardens in Rochester, NY.

Things have been going quite well with Mom. Therapy, and a somewhat better appetite have contributed to her feeling better, and being able to get around better. Three weeks ago, she could barely move around with her walker, and now she walks a fair distance with just a bit of steady arm holding. She is also making some friends at the nursing home, and seems quite a bit happier. Short term memory remains a serious concern.

We had a set-back yesterday though, and Mom is currently in a "Cardiac Evaluation Unit" at the hospital. She began to have some serious chest pain, and we took her to the Emergency Department. After some EKG stuff, and some blood work looking for heart damage enzymes, the consensus of the folks at the hospital is that she probably injured a chest muscle with the physical therapy efforts? I overheard one Doctor tell somebody "She has been working a lot harder than an 83 year old woman usually does." This seems to be one of those "we'll keep her for observation just to be safe" deals, with lots of discomfort, but no really serious problem. She'll probably be back at Wesley Gardens by tonight.

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