Monday, October 26, 2009

#500 - more poseable dolls

I figured out a way to print the dresses on these paper dolls -- I really like the results. All these are done with pictures I took myself. Above, a picture of some tomatillos I took around Thanksgiving last year? Below a sunflower.
Below - a collection of our heart pins.
Below - light shining through a wonderful glass bowl made by Matt Seaholtz.
Below - a picture of flowers growing in the yard.
And below - not a photo, but a paper doll made entirely from a "Fiddle Faddle" box!
Click pictures to embiggen!
Pretty good for post # 500.
I love it when I get into something new!
About 9" tall - $20 each. I'll cover the postage!


Sequana said...

These are absolutely WONDERFUL! Your mind is constantly working, isn't it? *S*

I've been thinking of how to use some of my quilt fabric scraps for her dresses.

Anne said...

very cool! I wish you could also print on fabric like that...can you? I'd love a dress just like the one on doll #1;-)

Louise's Son-in-law said...

Two responses-

S - I don't see any reason not to glue fabric onto card stock, and then use the dress pattern for a cut pattern. I'm no seamstress, but I remember my grandmother pinning those tissue patterns onto fabric and just cutting. Back when DIY was about the only affordable option.

A - These folks do custom digital fabric printing - I've been planning on trying them for about a year, but haven't gotten around to it!

Sequana said...

The other way with fabric and paper would be decoupage...I have some Gel Medium around here somewhere.....

I've heard lots of good things about Spoonflower.

By the way - In this day and age, those of us who have a lot of old tissue patterns use them in layers of collage. Never throw anything away.....*S*

Stefani said...

Fantastic - these ladies look great!

It was so nice seeing you and Cheryl yesterday! Thanks for stopping by - and for the purchase.

I'll be in touch about a KNK Groove demo, I promise. Probably in January.