Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Evolution in action!

These white deer are found in Romulus, NY at the former Seneca Army Depot.... a fully fenced in army base that protected these white deer from predators including man. (they are not albinos - just a white mutation that has survived in a unique environment) An early morning or early evening drive by on Route 96 will usually reward you with a view of several of these lovely creatures. On the way home on yesterday I stopped and got this shot. A fellow a bit further on was getting some great shots of a young buck, but I decided that he would not be happy if I stopped to join him and scared off his subject!

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Anne said...

Did I tell you Wyatt and I saw one of these on the highway outside of Elmira? I guess the gene is also in the population at large. It was very cool.

Anonymous said...

Don thanks so much for that photo! Randy and I were just wondering if they were still in the area.
Liz Scott