Saturday, October 24, 2009

Right out of the 1950's !!!

On the way home from Morristown, we stopped at a place right out of the 1950's - established in 1956. Sorry to say I was even misled by their sign - a blatant knockoff of the iconic Carvel sign - see below. The hamburger was to die for though, and the raspberry sundae was a classic!

Gabels Ice Cream in Tannersville, PA. Click pictures to embiggen!

Wonderful place, but beware - they won't replace dropped cones!

Gabel's Ice Cream & Fast Food on Urbanspoon


Anne said...

Where is Tannersville? (You must take a different route than I do...)

Louise's Son-in-law said...

Just off Route 80 exit 299 - on old parallel route 611. In the Poconos - south east out of Scranton. Just west of the Delaware Water Gap.