Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bert Babcock is my Grandmother's Uncle

Recently my friend Marty Schlabach sent me an e-mail about a hand written diary from 1894 for sale on E-bay. He knew about my great great grandfather Henry's 1886 diary , and my blog about his family's daily life. I checked out the E-bay listing, compared notes with my dad and mom, and figured out that the new diary was undoubtedly written by my maternal grandmother's Uncle Bert Babcock. And, in an additional twist of fate, he was working for the brother of my paternal great grandmother!

Needless to say, I became an energetic bidder in this auction, and around 10PM last Thursday, I won the auction. Yesterday I picked up the diary..... in another twist of fate, the seller lives in Fairport, NY, a suburb of Rochester, NY where I live. In another small world story, one of her neighbors is also a descendant of Henry!
This morning I went googling for what I might find about Albert "Bert" Babcock. In yet another twist, an auction had recently ended for a photo of Bert Babcock, from Ingleside, NY, taken sometime around 1905 - 1918? By then he would have been in his 40's? While the original photo is gone, the auction page had a very nice digital image of my Uncle Bert! I've got no actual proof that the picture below is Uncle Bert, how many Bert Babcocks would there be from Ingleside, NY???? Mom and Dad knew him in later years - they were born at least 10 years after this picture was taken - but he was older, and had quite a beard by the time they remember him , so they aren't sure it is him, but I'm going with it. That sure looks like a Babcock nose to me!Starting January 1, 2010, I plan to do a blog based on Bert's diary, paralleling my current blog about Henry Cadmus Olney's diary. Based on the dates involved, Bert is about a year older than my great grandfather Bart - son of Henry.


The Daily Rant said...

This is FASCINATING! I think I might have to start searching for some of my relatives....although I find it unlikely that any of them kept diaries!

mike oliver said...

This is amazing... I can't wait to hear more. What a great idea to blog the diary.

ps. I am writing you a much belated (3 years) email now.