Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BIG frogs

We were at the Northampton show this past weekend again. There is a medium sized pond located at the end of the main building, and all weekend the frogs - several varieties - were booming out their mating calls. Finally on the last day, I got to see some of them, and get these shots. The fellow (Rana catesbeiana - the american bull frog) above must tip the scales at 3 pounds! All the pictures are clickable for a closer view.
The one below looks almost like a cartoon, but that's a real frog!
Below - the reason all those frogs were booming out their mating calls across the pond.Below - the female - the one on the bottom - has expelled her eggs, and the male is adding his sperm over them to create the next generation of frogs! Moments later they swam off into the sunset their main task in life complete!

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Stace said...

Great photos! And to catch 'em in the act like that. Pretty darned cool.