Saturday, May 09, 2009

Nature in the Van????

My friend Salena, of "The Daily Rant" fame, made quite a few comments yesterday. I love comments by the way! Hint! Hint! One comment was about my tomatoes in my kitchen window. Salena's kitchen is in the back of their truck --- She and Eddie drive a very nice new truck with quite a "sleeper" rig built in. Sleeper is not quite the right word, because they can cook, shower, watch TV, surf the internet, etc. etc. in their home on wheels, all while making money hauling goods around the country! Anyway, Salena told me about the basil she is growing in the window of her traveling kitchen... thus, I return the favor with my traveling plant - above! Folks at the toll booths love my plant.

If you are new to my blog, Salena got me going on blogging when I accidentally ( I firmly believe there are no accidents) found this entry, while Googling the word "Agida". I thought I knew what it meant, but went looking for confirmation. Salena set me straight on "agida" in the way only she can -- with a wonderful image, and a great story..... I was hooked --- on blogging, and on Salena's Daily Rant!

Thanks Salena!

She also showed me how to make those links open in a new window instead of sending you away from my blog, but I haven't mastered it yet, so please come back here after you click on the links to The Daily Rant. I'll forgive you if you don't come back though because she covers a lot of very interesting territory - literally, and literarily (if that is a word?)

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